Why IntelliPower


Double Conversion ON-LINE Topology
Full time running inverter regenerates a new clean output sinewave with double conversion from raw unstable utility AC to DC and then from DC to clean regenerated AC providing stable power to sensitive electronic devices. ZERO transfer time providing no interruption during blackouts, sags and surges. 

Protects against all 10 Power Problems
Total protection against noise, sags, surges, brownouts, blackouts, transients, over voltages, harmonics, lightning spikes and frequency variations. Line Interactive UPS Topology only provides partial protection against 4 to 5 power problems. 

Unique and Flexible User Select Programmable Front Panel
The User has over 50 selectable programmable customizing options at their fingertips from the Front Panel or RS232. 

Ideal for use with Generators
Fully compatible with AC Generators where Line Interactive UPS's will not work. 

Wide Input Voltage Window & Regulated Output
Domestic 120V version voltage window is 85V to 138V (230V version is 170V to 276V) without using the battery. Provides longer battery life and saves on replacement intervals. Constant output regulation of ±3 % or better. 

Power Factor Correction (available for all models)
0.99 PFC option offered to eliminate harmonics problems as required for CE Mark EN61000-3-2, mandatory requirement in Europe. Line Interactive topology can not meet this requirement. 

Flexible Designs
More choices in design flexibility than offered by any UPS manufacturer in the ratings offered.