IntelliPower designs and builds external battery packs.  Where our run time specification cannot be supported only by internal UPS batteires, we offer external battery packs (EBP) that simply plug into the back of our UPS's.  


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Enclosure Type Battery Run Time (Minutes) Part Number / Data Sheet Model Number Industry
3U 24.5"D 4.4 @ 410W FA00338 EBP-V-96V-2s-8LBFB-3U24.5 Industrial
3U 24"D 5.5 @ 5000W FA00357 EBP-RM-96V-2s-8LBFB-3U24-BH Industrial 
2U 24"D 15 @ 2300W FA00375 EBP-RM-84V-2S-14BFB-2U24 Industrial 
2U 26"D 15 @ 2600W FA10046 EBP-RM-18BFB-2U26 Industrial 
3U 24.5"D 30 @ 2100W FA00098-01 EBP-84-2-2U24.5Al Military 
3U 26.9"D 15 @ 4200W FA00167 EBM-RM-2D-96-2-8BHS-3U26.9 Military 
3U 26.8"D 15 @ 4000W FA00330 EBP-RM-96V-2S-8BHS-3U26.8 Military 
3U 26.93"D 15 @ 4200W FA00176  EBM-RM-2D-96-2-8BHS-3U26.9  Military 
2U 24"D 10 @ 1800W FA10054 EBP-RM-96V-1S-48BFB-2U24 Military 
2U 23.6"D 15 @ 2700W FA00346 EBM-H-96-2-8BHS-2U23.6 Military 
2U 20.5"D 36 @ 950W FA00006 EBP-1500RM-6B-1 Military 
2U 18"D 30 @ 1000W FA00175-01 EBP-RM-60-2-5BFB-2U Military
2U 24"D 10 @ 2100W FA00011 EBP-8LB-96v-2U24-DSO2 Military
2U 23.5"D 38 @ 1000W FA00016 EBP-10B-2U23.5-IP65 Military
3U 24.5"D 15 @ 4000W FA00021 EBP-2S-8B12V50-96VDC-3U24.5 Military
2U 23"D  30 @ 960W  FA00030  EBP-9B-2U23.5-IP65  Military 
3U 22"D  12 @ 1750W  FA00043  EHT-EBP-110v-3U2211  Industrial 
2U 16.75"D 12 @ 1800W FA00073 EBP-108vET-2U17 Military
2U 24"D 17 @ 2000W FA00332 EBP-RM-84v-2S-14BFB-2U24 Military
2U 18"D 60 @ 500W FA00337 EBP-RM-48V-2s-4BFB-2U18 Industrial
2U 21"D 16 @ 2000W FA00154 EBP-12BHS-2U21-V2 Military
2U 18.25"D 16 @ 1000W FA00158 EBP1100RM-2S-36V-2U18 Industrial
2U 18"D 30  30 @ 1000W  FA00175  EBP-RM-60-2-5BFB-2U  Military 
2U 24"D  17 @ 2000W  FA00196  EBP-RM-72V-2s-36CBFB-2U24  Military 
3U 24.5"D  78 @ 1000W  FA00198  EBP-1S-8B12V12-96VDC-3U24.5  Industrial 
3U 24.5"D 13 @ 2000W FA00199 EBP-1S-8B12V12-96VDC-3U24.5 Industrial
2U 12.125"D  17 @ 750W  FA00293  IHT-EBP-RM-M-4LBHS-2U12.125  Military
2U 18"D  16 @ 1000W  FA00343  EBP-1S-6B12V8.5-72VDC-2U18  Industrial 
2U 12.125"D  17 @ 750W  FA00362  IHT-EBP-RM-M-4LBHS-2U12.125  Military 
3U 27"D 15 @ 4200W FA00409 EBM-RM-2D-96-2-8BHS-3U26.9-RC Military
3U 23"D 8 @ 3000W FA00096 EBP-9LBFB-2U23 Military
1U 12"D 10 @ 500W FA00177-01 EBP-RM-56v-1s-28CB-1U12-IP65 Military
3U 27"D 16 @ 2000W FA00232 EBP-2S-8B12V50-96VDC-3U26.8-2Dwrs-GDST Military
1U 12"D 10 @ 1000W FA10111 EBP-10LiFe-12.8V-1U12-IP65 Military
2U 24"D 10 @ 3100W FA10193 EBP-RM-108V-2S-8BFB-2U24 Military
2U 24"D 5 @ 2500W FA10214 EBP-RM-72v-96v-2S-14BFB-2U24 Military
2U 24"D 60 @ 500W FA10224 EBP-RM-1s-9B-2U24 Industrial
2U 18"D 60 @ 600W FA10149 EBP-RM-60V-2s-5BFB-2U18 Industrial
3U 24"D 8 @ 2500W FA10100 EBP-2S-5BHS-3U24 Military
2U 18"D 90 @ 500W FA10123 EBP-RM-51.2V-2s-8LiBFB-2U18 Commercial
3U 24"D 15 @ 4200W FA10252 EBP-2S-8B12V50-96VDC-3U24.5 Military
2U 24.5"D 30 @ 900W FA10244 EBP-84-2-2U24.5Al Military
3U 24"D 32 @ 1400W FA00083 EBP-2S-5BHS-3U24 Military
2U 18"D 19 @ 1000W FA00108 EBP-8-12V8.5AH-2U18 Industrial
2U 18"D 10 @ 1000W FA00110-02 EBP-1100-60 Industrial
1U 17"D 10 @ 600W FA00177 EBP-28B-2V4.5AH-1U12-IP65 Military
2U 24"D 6 @ 3500W FA00211 EBPRM-12B-2S-2U24 Military
3U 24"D 14 @ 2200W FA00217 EPB-72-12V8.5AH-3U24 Indutrial
2U 24"D 5 @ 3000W FA00250 EBP-RM-120V-1s-10BFB-2U24 Industrial
2U 24"D 15 @ 1000W FA00260 EBP-RM-48CFB-2U24 Industrial
2U 23"D 32 @ 1000W FA00265  EBP-RM-108v-1s-9LBFB-2U23  Industrial 
2U 18"D  42 @ 1000W FA00266 EBP-RM-84v-1S-7BFB-2U18  Industrial 
3U 24.5"D  15 @ 4200W FA00351 EBP-H-60-2-8FB-3U24.5  Military 
2U 23"D 30 @ 1000W FA00096-01 EBP-9LBFB-2U23 Military
2U 26"D TBD FA00156 EBP-3S-33B2V8-66VDC-3U26 Military
3U 27"D 15 @ 4200W FA00167-01 EBM-RM-2D-96-2-8BHS-3U26.9 Military
3U 24"D TBD FA00183 EBP-RM-108v-2s-9LBFB-3U24 Military
2U 24"D  TBD FA00193 EBP-M-12B-2U24  Military 
2U 24"D  TBD FA00230 EBPRM-12B-2S-2U24  Military 
3U 24"D  TBD FA00268 EBP-RM-96v-2s-8LBFB-3U24  Military
2U 19"D TBD FA00295 EBM-H-60-2-7BHS-2U23 Military
2U 19"D TBD FA00301 EBP-72v-6LBFB-2U Military
3U 19"D TBD FA00318 EBP-RM-96V-2S-8BHS-3U26.8 Military
2U 24"D 5.6 @ 4000W FA00400 EBP-RM-72V-2s-36CBFB-2U24 Military
1U 24"D 1.5 @ 3500W FA00425 EBM-14LiBFB-1U24 Military
2U 24.7"D TBD FA00413 EBM-RM-96V-2s-16B-2U24.7 Military
2U 24"D 12 Hr @ 60W FA10220 EBM-RM-76.8V-2s-6B-2U24 Industrial
2U 18"D 30 @ 900W FA10307 EBP-RM-60V-2s-5BFB-2U18 Military
2U 24.15"D 8 Mins FA10329 EBP-RM-96v-2S-16BFB-24.15 Military
3U 26.9 21 @ 4000W FA10416 EBM-RM-2D-122-2-9LiFeBHS-3U26.9 Military
2U 24"D TBD FA10338   Military
3U 24"D  TBD  FA10339     Military