Orange, CA. – December 29, 2014 – IntelliPower, Inc. announced the launch of its 400Hz power converter, designed specifically for airborne applications where weight, EMI characteristics, and rugged mechanics are critical in the development of this system. This product converts aircraft three phase, 400 Hz input and supplies 2500 Watts at 28 VDC through four separate Mil Circular Connectors. 

The system provides total galvanic isolation from aircraft power to the load.  The enclosure is rack mountable, powder coated aluminum for light weight and endurance and secured with lock tight fasteners for long term integrity on vibrating platforms.  To reduce radiated EMI, each cooling fan intake and exhaust is equipped with nickel plated beryllium copper (BeCu) hexagonal filters. 

For additional noise reduction, input and output lines are conditioned with two conducted EMI suppression filters.  Local panel human-machine interface (HMI) is available via a digital LCD display. 

Remote monitoring and control is available via RS-232 protocol and system management applications.  This system is designed and manufactured to meet Mil STD’s 810f and 461.

Other options include AC output and single phase inputs.