IntelliPower products and solutions protect your critical applications against a multitude of power, mechanical and environmental hazards. Utilizing a building block methodology, customers are supplied with top quality, application-tailored systems at a low cost that are designed and manufactured in the USA.


Proven Quality & Reliability

Each new IntelliPower product contains field proven sub-component designs and configurations. Customers who need to adjust features of standard products – such as power levels, connector types, enclosure sizes, electromagnetic interference characteristics, etc. – can expect the same reliability and quality in the product tailored to their application as the reliability and quality found consistently in legacy configurations.

Modifications Tailored to Specific Applications

Different military, industrial and commercial applications require different power system features. IntelliPower’s building block methodology incorporates a modular approach to our manufacturing. Modules, or blocks, can be configured in over 2000+ variations. Each product can be configured to fit into pre-designed systems; minimizing the extra effort and performance risks found in designing systems around a static power subsystem. In addition to modified and legacy designs, IntelliPower offers 'drop in' form, fit and function replacements.

Low Cost Unit Production & Serviceability

Tailoring power system configurations to end-user applications eliminates unnecessary features, thereby lowering costs. IntelliPower’s modular, building block methodology enables the elimination of unnecessary sub-components and unnecessary costs associated with competitor offerings such as custom solutions or repackaged products manufactured overseas.